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8th-Jun-2013 08:23 pm - Haaave you met Roland?
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Fanfiction Master List 2009
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Hi! Welcome to my (mostly) fanfic journal. Check out my tags or master fanfic lists if you're here for stories. I write mostly oneshots and drabbles, no long fics here!

So far the fandoms I write for are:
How I Met Your Mother (I ship everyone)
The Big Bang Theory (Penny/Sheldon, Penny/Leonard, can't decide!)

Check out the communities I maintain:
 haveyoumetjosh  for Josh Radnor/Ted Mosby fans to generally squeal and share Josh news
himym_animoods for an animated mood theme currently being pieced together by fans

Personal rants/musings are friends-only and few and far between. Leave a comment if you care to read them!
31st-Dec-2009 10:50 pm - Fanfiction Master List 2009
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How I Met Your Mother FanfictionCollapse )

The Big Bang Theory FanfictionCollapse )

Ratings source: http://www.fictionratings.com/guide.php
21st-Dec-2009 01:48 am - Hey there!
:D, tbbt
I'm still alive, in case you who were wondering :) Thanks to the lovely gals who sent me snowflake cookies. ♥

Just wanted to say that Avatar in 3D is the shit. Trust me, I've seen it once in 2D and again in 3D. I really wish I had watched it in 3D the first time. Watch it in IMAX if you can :D

I went into it thinking I would absolutely loathe the movie with the "weird blue CG aliens" but stumbled home zombiefied and stoned from the sheer awesomeness. It was heaven for my scifi-fantasy loving soul. I went in without any background knowledge of the story/trailer and it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I hope you enjoy it too, if you do go out and see it :)
Marshily <3
I ask if he’s ever found work success to coincide with love. “Not once. I think I could write a great love story. But I haven’t found the love part yet,” he sighs. “I can’t blame anyone for not wanting to be with me. I’m a weird dude. I was writing a Dracula musical for puppets for two years before this movie—with no irony. Women thought I was crazy.” He shrugs, enormous and sad. It starts to rain, hard, and he offers me his coat. “But what will happen to you?” I ask, as I put it on. “I will blossom into a man.” And when we part I feel happy and a little sad, like when the lights come up on an Apatow movie. Because there’s something oddly moving about a man who is too tall, telling a stranger too much.


It's a rather old interview but - Awww Jason - you gotta hope he finds his perfect woman soon :'(

And this (hopefully) concludes today's installment of Segel Spam...
26th-Oct-2009 01:53 pm - I think I'm in love...
Marshily <3
...with Jason Segel's character Nick on Freaks and Geeks.

WHY IS HE SO DARNED CUTE?!!?!?! (and totally cuddly?) XD

9th-Oct-2009 05:14 pm - Halloween party costume meme
:D, tbbt
Snagged from katayla, because she's awesome. Basically it auto-generates random halloween costumes for your whole flist...Some of these are hilarious. And I'd totally rock the Wonder Woman costume, also. ;)

Roland's halloween party under the cutCollapse )

Memes aside - I made a resolution last year that I would dress up and go out on Halloween this year. And resolutions made on LJ have to be accomplished. However, I'm lacking a creative costume idea which does not involve having to rent an outfit (because renting sucks and I'd love to put together something all on my own)

You guys have any ideas for a costume for me? Something I can put together with actual clothes that can be worn on other days and not lie in the bottom of my closet for eternity? Any of you got your costumes planned already? :)
1st-Oct-2009 09:19 am - Of witches in New England
Cobie approves!
So last night I watched the pilot for Eastwick (I'd watched the promos mostly because Josh Radnor's g-friend Lindsay Price is in it) I must say I quite enjoyed it! All the three lead actresses are pretty good and their characters are interesting. Lindsay was a pleasant surprise considering I found her character on Lipstick Jungle a bit annoying. She takes on the awkward-shy-reporter character pretty well and her voice isn't half as high-pitched as it used to sound (I know it's boorish of me to not like a person's natural voice but hers used to be pretty grating)

I haven't watched the movie or read the books but the storyline is intriguing and so far not unbelievable (once you give up your hangups about magic being real because, come on, magic TOTALLY exists!)

I also like the visual effects and music. I don't know the exact technical terms for it, but the overall look of the shots is really good to my amateur eye. I fangirled madly when they played Ida Maria's "Oh my God". Not only was the song perfect for the context, but it's totally one of Josh Radnor's favorite songs. Coincidentally, when I was on my way to work this morning, this was the first song on my phone when I pressed play in the middle of listening to Your Favourite Music (which I had paused the evening before)

Talk about Fate, huh? Out of 6 hours of music, I just happened to pick up at the exact song that played on Eastwick. JOSH AND LINDSAY ARE FATED TO BE TOGETHER. My Walkman phone has I have thus decreed it.

The views of the author are solely based on the belief that the random occurances in her life have a resonating effect on the probabilities of not-so-random occurances in celebrity relationships. Should the aforementioned celebrity couple (heretofore referred to as "Josay") not be fated to spend the rest of their days together, the author reserves the right to place restraining orders on those who point and laugh at her upon demonstration of undeniable proof that Josay are de-coupled.
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Yeah that's right, I've become a lean, mean iconing machine. By popular demand - some Indy!Ted icons plus one of cutie-pie whipped Marshall...

As per usz - feel free to snag, credit and comments are my new sustenance :)


13 icons under the cutCollapse )
23rd-Sep-2009 03:44 am - HIMYM Icons: 501 Definitions
So in my excitement after watching the season 5 premier of How I Met Your Mother, I just made the hugest batch of icons ever! I somehow cannot put my squee into words, so I put it into pictorial form.

Spoiler alert for those of you who haven't seen Definitions yet!

Please feel free to snag, credit and comments are love :)


2o-something icons under the cutCollapse )
4th-Aug-2009 06:44 pm - Hello there!
So I realize it's been a while since I posted anything other than a meme. Today I feel like actually blogging a bit about some of my new distractions.

a) Josh Radnor - I made some icons! They're over here
Also, his screenplay for HappyThankYouMorePlease is a wonderful read. Can't wait for the movie to get on the interweb release.

b) iTunes Radio - I recently got a new laptop and have been super-lazy to transfer all my music over. So I've been listening to a lot of the iTunes radio stations for some new stuff. Today I got hooked to Cinemix - which plays movie soundtracks! I never realized how much I loved them before. Check it - http://cinemix.us/
Listening right now to the Jurassic Park theme. Wow, I don't even really like the movies but I do love the soundtrack! Some other good ones I recognized today were Requiem for a Dream, A Very Long Engagement and SUNSHINE!

c) Sunshine - the screenplay
Wherein I gush about the brilliance of screenplaysCollapse )

d) I watched a few episodes of True Blood yesterday. It really wasn't ANYTHING I was expecting it to be, and I found it quite interesting. Tara is by far my favorite character - she's hilarious. I think it's an outrageous show so far, hopefully gets better as it goes along? Sort of Twilightish vibe but with surprisingly much better acting hehe ;) I certainly wasn't expecting the Southern-ness of it all! Quite a nice change from the usual American shows.

What have you guys been reading/watching/doing? :)
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